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This is a reading done for a Mr. James Burton (not his real name), a host for a regular weekday television show. This reading was done on 3 July 1996.
JB was born on 4 June 1940 at approximately 7.00pm in Sydney, Australia.

Three charts are presented here:
The Rasi Chart (used to delineate all aspects of life);
The Navamsa Chart (used specifically for partnership/relationships; and
The Dasamasa Chart (used to evaluated work/professional matters).

JB is running the major and sub-period of Saturn, from August 1996 to August 1998.
The Yogi/Avayogi planets for JB are Mars and Ketu respectively.

In the Rasi Chart, Saturn is lord of the 2nd and 3rd houses. It is debilitated in the 5th. Saturn is the karaka for work/profession. Being Moolatrikona lord of the 3rd, it is also the indicator of dreams and aspirations of JB.
Saturn will therefore not only give JB obstacles and hindrances in his current profession. It will not allow him to fulfill his aspirations.
The 5th house is 8th from the 10th. It will be responsible for the type of obstacles JB would face in his job. In Ashtakavarga, since the 5th house has got 30 benefic points, 4 more than the 10th, it confirms that the obstacles would be difficult for JB to overcome. Saturn and Jupiter are posited in the 5th house Aries. Both planets are the karakas for profession.
Saturn indicates problems would arise from superiors/authority figures. Jupiter adds that these could actually be coming from a foreign source, or foreigners. The saving factor is that the depositor of 5th house, Mars is not only the Moolatrikona lord, but also the Yogi lord for JB.

In the Navamsa chart, Saturn is conjunct with Rahu. Both planets are posited in the house ruled by the Sun. Again indicating separation from profession.
Saturn is in Virgo in the Dasamasa Chart, whose lord Mercury is again conjunct with the Sun. Once again, Rahu aspects Saturn.
All three charts indicate that there was thus no alternative other than for JB to be separated from his weekday show. It is also significant that this happened after a 12 year stint, after a change in Management.
In the reading JB was told that abundance, wealth and peace of mind will be destroyed during this period. He was also told that he will now find out who his true friends are. He was also warned that property matters could result in losses.
Despite all this Saturn is known by it's nature to give something that would not be "taken away". Despite the fact that Saturn is debilitated, it's depositor, Mars is the Yogi lord for JB. Besides this, Mars being Yogakaraka and Moolatrikona lord, ensured that JB will not be destroyed as a result of this uneventful episode.
It is more that coincidental that JB would loose his job in Saturn Dasa, Saturn Bukti and Ketu Anthara between 28 June to 1 September 1996. After all, Ketu is not only the planet of separation, it is also the Avayogi lord. Since it directly aspects the 10th house, the house of profession in both the Rasi and Damasa charts, it effected this during it's sub-sub-period. The local newspapers verifies as to when this was done. Another media personality, a Tommy Barter (not his real name) was assigned to take over the show.
In the reading, JB was also told he had to perform a temporary stint on Radio before he got back to television. He was also told that he will be recalled to take over his previous position by the same new Management!

The next sub-sub-period was that of Venus. It is lord of 6th and 11th, posited in 7th. It is in a stationary position, which automatically makes it more powerful. Venus is in conjunction with Yogi lord Mars, and the lord of media and communications, Mercury. Mercury aside from being posited in its own house, is also the lord of the 10th, the house of profession. Being the lord of the 6th, Venus gave constraints in finance. However, being lord of the 11th, it should give JB a good income through or on account of contacts/friends/associates. This it did by giving JB the opportunity to host a brand new show, at the same timeslot of the previous one.

At about this time, the earlier show JB hosted collapsed on the resignation of the new host, Tommy Barter. The management who were responsible for JB's   plight in the first place, contacted JB. They wanted JB back to re-host the show, on his terms. This really gave JB all the reason to look back on what he had done with a lot of pride. Not only that, this happened precisely in the manner Chelvam predicted it would, and at the exact time period it should.

In this example, AstroPalmistry did not only give JB some hope and promise for the future. The predictions for the future were not only fulfilled, they actualised at the exact time periods, Chelvam predicted they would.

There is a tool out there anyone can use...

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