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Details of Client for Sample Combined Reading
The reading that follows is done for a Mr Asheesh Mathur born on Wednesday, May 28, 1969 @ 01:15 in Delhi, India.
Astrological Charts used
For the purpose of this particular presentation, Chelvam will be interpolating these 4 astrological charts:
  • The Rasi or D1 (Natal Birthchart),
  • The Equal Bhava (Bhava chart spanned equally on either side of the Ascendant degree),
  • The Navamsa or D9 (Chart indicating any kind of Partnerships/Relationships), and
  • The Dasamsa or D10 (Chart indicating Work/Professional concerns of the client).
The Reading
(Please refer to the scanned palmprint and astrological charts when doing this by clicking on the relevant pointer. You can then get back to where you were using the "BACK" cursor).
The first thing one will notice about Asheesh’s palms are that it is quite fleshy. The mounts of Luna indicated by (A) & Venus (B) are especially developed. These are almost bordering on overdevelopment. This indicates Asheesh to be a person who has very strong feelings and also one prone to indulgences eg good food, way of life etc.

This attested astrologically by the fact that Saturn and Rahu afflict Jupiter and Venus, in the Rasi chart (D1). Rahu (which is in Saturn’s constellation and Saturn’s sub-constellation) aspects Jupiter. Venus conjuncts Rahu in the 2nd house. This combination gives Asheesh the propensity to contract diabetes, an ailment connected with the liver and pancreas. This however, can be completely averted by Asheesh by proper diet control and regular exercise.

The Potential to become a good Palmist/Astrologer
There are several signs on the Asheesh’s palms that indicate he has the potential to become a practitioner of the metaphysical eg Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology etc.

These are some of the signs that indicate this:

  • The triangle of clairvoyance formed by the lines of Head, Life and Mercury on the Plain of Mars (indicated at C);
  • The St Thomas Cross in the Quadrangle at (D); and
  • A trident on the Mount of Saturn at (E).

Success in this field will however come to Asheesh, only late in life. Fame and wealth indicated by the line of the Sun is only shown after the age of 35/36 at (F). This line links to the Fish, an auspicious sign (according to Hindu Palmistry) from age 44/45 indicated at (G). This is when Asheesh will be running Saturn Dasa/Saturn Bukti from 2011 to 2013.

Independent decision-maker
The Mercury (little) finger sits away from the rest of the fingers shown at (H) This indicates Asheesh to be a person who solicits the views of others, but one who usually ends up making his own independent decisions.

This Mercury finger also just falls short of the 3rd phalange of the Apollo finger shown at (J). This indicates an inherent reservation in speaking up his mind. This is evident even in matters when he really should. Asheesh therefore needs to confront this by "bottling up less" or "speaking up more".

Astrology tells us this reservation could relate to something that happened to Asheesh as a child (Rahu’s presence in 2nd house in D1), whilst at the same time Venus’ presence in the same makes him a diplomatic person. Rahu gets displaced in the Bhava chart to the Lagna (the Ascendant), indicating this cautious nature of Asheesh to be one that improves with time.

Configuration of Planet positions in Astrology from the Palms
Hindu Palmistry (Samudrika Shashtra) allows the practitioner to professionally configure the position of the natal planets from one’s palm. Admittedly this may sound a bit "far fetched’ to some of our Western palmists.

There are three mounts that are displaced on Asheesh’s palms. These are the mounts of Mercury, Sun and Saturn. This can be delineated by the raised loop in the ridges between the Mounts of Mercury & Sun (K) and the tented loop or core between the Mounts of the Sun and Saturn (L). Loops, regardless of its’ type indicate that these planets (Mercury, Sun & Saturn) are close longitudinally in Asheesh’s astrological chart. When one examines the natal chart, it is clear that Saturn & Sun are only 33 degrees apart, whilst Mercury & Sun even closer, conjunct within 3 degrees.

This aspect of the deduction of the placement of the natal planets from one’s palm is extremely important in a Vedic reading. This is because one can interpolate facts about an individual even without one’s ascendant using Nadi astrology. This can also be interpreted by using Yogas (the special combination of planets available only in Vedic Astrology).

This is how the Mercury/Sun conjunction is interpreted using both Yogas and Nadi astrology.

Using Yogas, this conjunction gives Budha Surya Yoga. This indicates Asheesh has excellent powers of communications i.e. he is proficient in listening, reading, writing, speaking, counseling and even mediating.

The other interpretation according to Nadi astrology is that because Mercury is in retrograde motion, Nadi astrology interpolates Mercury from the previous house from which it is deposited in the D1 Chart. Interpreted this way, Mercury conjuncts Rahu in the 3rd Rasi. This indicates that success in profession chosen by Asheesh (computers/communications) comes only through hard work, and only after the first 30 years of life.

Asheesh will become a "proven product" but in a difficult working environment after 26th May 1999, after his 30th birthday. This fact is accentuated when Asheesh is running Jupiter Dasa, Mercury Bukti after 12 Sept 1999. There will be changes in his workplace as early as mid-May 1999.

Mercury by virtue of being the Moolatrikona lord of the 8th house, becomes the Most Malefic Planet (MMP) for Asheesh.

In D1, MMP Mercury aspects the 10th (the house of Profession) whilst being the Moolatrikona lord of the 8th (the house of gains from profession, being 11th to the 10th, the house of profession). This negative influence of Mercury indicates possible reversals at his current workplace between 12 Sept 1999 and 07 Jan 2000. This is attested by the fact that transiting Jupiter moves into the 8th (Aries) after 26 May 1999, which also indicates similar negative effects in Asheesh’s profession (though change of location or designation) that he will have to take!

The Sun (3rd) & Saturn (2nd) fingers are actually curving towards each other, indicated at (M). This indicates a fair bit of confusion on the job front. He is currently unsure how the work situation is going to pan out over the next one year. This fact is also authenticated in Astrology!

Choice of Profession
The astrological chart indicates the type of job that Asheesh should be engaged in. Many planets seem to have an influence of Asheesh’s profession according to his Dasamsa chart. There are influences from the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Ketu and Venus. It is by examining the earnings through profession (11th in Dasamsa-D10), that it becomes clear that the strongest influence comes from Mercury. Therefore professions involving numbers, management, communications, computers & training, would be rewarding for Asheesh.

Positive changes for Asheesh have been in place between Jan 13 and May 1999. This has resulted in Asheesh having more responsibilities in the office.

The office environment has remained promising for Asheesh till May 1999. After that and before June 2000, there will be a "change of place" for Asheesh. This translates to a professional change for Asheesh, brought about by a change in the company that he would work for, or a change of designation/location within the same company.

These negative influences are likely to manifest between May 1999 and June 2000. Asheesh will be able to put this behind him after October 2000.

Mercury has a strong potential to drive Asheesh to have some kind of secondary earnings. This will be in addition to his regular work in the Communications sector. Asheesh could take advantage of this (if he wants to) in Mercury Bukti between Sept 1999 and Dec 2000.

The is a strong probability of a promotion for Asheesh in Apr/May 2002. This is regardless of which company he is working for at that material time.

Current Professional Prospects
On the professional front Asheesh should be challenged to the holding of his current job.

There is major change coming at age 35 (2004) in Shani Dasa/Shani Bukti indicated by the Fateline at (N). But there are also a few uncertainties indicated on the palms before that. One that is important occurs between May 1999 and June 2000. This is when there will be another change in the job i.e. a transfer for Asheesh. This could be within the existing company or a resignation from the existing to join a new company. Regardless, this is indicated as a "change of place" for Asheesh. Within May 1999 and Jun 2000, there may be a serious threat to "unseat" Asheesh. An island on the Fateline at (P) indicates this. This is specifically indicated to occur astrologically between Sept 1999 and Feb 2000.

Other interesting features indicated on the Fateline on the right palm are:

  • That the Fateline is joined to the Lifeline at the commencement at (Q). This indicates a lot of problems with respect to Asheesh’s early education which would have a bearing on his future career. He would have also been restricted in his freedom in his teen years. Asheesh would have been persuaded to accede to the wishes of his family. This was particularly evident at age 10 (1979/80). Also there was a threat to his studies from mid-1980 to mid-1981. This could have been caused by Asheesh himself, or due to the circumstances of his family at that time!
  • At age 33 (2002 Apr/May), Asheesh may be persuaded to pursue additional earnings, instigated by his spouse (shown by line of Mount of Venus merging into Fateline at ). This will be done to procur additional remuneration (obtained through part-time work/business). This will be done in addition to his regular job. This dual responsibility can be continued till he gets a substantial promotion at his usual workplace (indicated by an ascending line from Fateline at (S).

The work situation for Asheesh has been unfair to him after Mar 1997. This is because he was given a "pretend’ promotion i.e. given additional responsibilities but not the rewards/remuneration that go with it.

Asheesh first saw his wife in Sept/Oct 1996 and got married shortly after. This is indicated by the line of Affection merging into the Fateline at about this time period (T).

Asheesh should have started work at about Apr/May 1992 (earnings indicated on Fateline at about this time (U). At about this time onwards there would have also been a mutual attraction with a girl, possibly connected with work. This could have gone until April 1994, but nothing came out of this.

Palmists use different cues to assess children. Chelvam does this by examining the tiny branches coming out at the termination of the Heartline under the Mount of Mercury.

Examining these tiny hairlines towards the percussion shows the chronological sequence of the conceptions.

The first conception indicated at (V) branching from the Heartline, is taken to fruition. This resulted in a female issue for Asheesh.

The second conception shown by (W) is however not taken to fruition (for whatever reason). It appears that the 2nd conception could have resulted in an abortion/miscarriage. This conception if taken to fruition would have resulted in another female child for Asheesh.

Asheesh’s third conception, if taken to fruition will in all probability result in a male child. There are good chances for this happening between Jun 2000 and Dec 2001.

Asheesh’s first daughter would encounter some minor problems. She will be a bit slow in starting speech, beginning to talk a little later than other kids of the same age Her constitution (health) is not shown to be strong, but will begin to improve after May 1999.

Family Problems
This is quite clearly indicated in Astrology.

The Sun (depositor of spouse) conjuncts Mercury in the 4th (the house of mother and the family home) in D1. Since the Sun conjuncts the MMP Mercury, it is inevitable that there will be differences between his mother and wife. Because Mercury is the significator of the problems, these differences will arise due to "bad" speech or miscommunications.

There appears to have been differences between mother and wife since the birth of Asheesh’s daughter. One factor that may have contributed to this is the increase in interactive time between the two women leading to the first delivery. Mrs Asheesh may have also stopped working on the birth of her daughter, contributing to the increase in interactive time. There is a strong probability of this re-igniting again in the future, especially after May 1999. Remedial actions taken by Asheesh at this stage can prevent this altogether.

Detailed Analysis is a particular Dasa/Bukti/Anthara period
The Vimshottari time system allows astrologers to analyse particular time-periods in a person’s life. To illustrate this, one particular time period in Asheesh’s life, that of Jupiter Dasa/Mercury Bukti/Mercury Anthara, which runs from 12 Sept 1999 to 07 Jan 2000, is examined here.

Something that was said earlier, the threat to unseat Asheesh at his workplace will occur during this time frame. This could be triggered as a result of Asheesh’s misplaced trust in someone, or a jealous party wishing to unseat him.

Mercury the planet of changes will institute a lot of changes to Asheesh’s life during this period.

These changes would be more negative than otherwise because:

  • Of the malefic aspect of the Avayogi Venus on the midpoint of the 8th house and 10th in D1;
  • The positioning of the malefic 6th lord, Moon on the midpoint of the 8th in D1; and
  • The malefic aspect of the MMP Mercury (which is both combust & retrograde) on the house of profession, the 10th in D1.

Most of the malefic occurrences point to problems on the professional front. Asheesh should not attempt any kind of teaching, training or learning during this period from 12 Sept 1999 to 07 Jan 2000. There will be problems at work, because work involves a kind of communications (signified by Mercury). There could be another change of place (job/residence) for Asheesh before Jun 2000. Asheesh will get into trouble because of the changes occurring at his workplace. He will be unable to speak up or prevented from doing so, because of the prevailing work circumstances. His mind will wander whether he should stick to his current job or try for something new, within or outside the Company. He may be again overlooked for promotion. Or, he might not given the promotion but given the responsibilities yet again! There could be problems to the residence (e.g. unwarranted expenses), or to his conveyance (if he owned one). Over and above this, things will happen suddenly due to the aspect of Uranus on Mercury! Spouse’s health may be negatively affected. Asheesh himself may experience some health problems related the stomach and/or bowels at this time. Asheesh will also have to face some strong opposition at work at this time.

Ohm Prabu Shanti!

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